Sunday, September 18, 2016

The Symbol of Gold and Intelligence

The Symbol of Gold and Intelligence

In Chinese my name is very special. It means memory, wisdom, gold, and intelligence. It is like a person that never did anything wrong in his/her entire life. In English it means luck and joy. It is like the lucky number seven. Full of lucks and joy.
When I was born, my parents took me to see a master. A person who could tell them about their future. The master takes a look at the baby that my parents were holding on their hands. The baby that they were holding was me, the author of this story. The master told my parents that I was born without gold or metal in my life, so he told them to name me with a word that has something about gold or metal in it. That’s how I got the name of “Jiaming”. There are two words in my Chinese name. The word “Jia” means intelligence and joy. The word “Ming” means gold and memory.
In elementary school people always pronounce my name the wrong way it was. They told me that the way how they say it is easier for they to pronounce it. A lot of people likes my name because it is one of a kind, unique and original to the other classmates in my school.
When I think about my name, there are two words that came to my mind. They are gold and intelligence. In my name gold does not mean money. It means a heavy metal that can contain the demons inside me. Intelligence does not mean smart. It means think like a wise man don’t make stupid mistakes.

If there is a chance for me to change my name to something else, I would stay with the name that I am having. It is a name that my parents give me. The only thing that will stay with me for my whole life, and nobody can take it away from me. 


  1. Hi Jiaming,
    Your story is awesome! I hope to find an incredible name like yours for my future kids. I would like to find a name for my child with powerful meaning for her/his life. Thanks to share your story! Good luck in this semester! See you :)

  2. Yes, it's true. Your name have special meaning and your should cherish it.

  3. Wow! your name is good. Maybe, your parents took a lot of time to make your name. I was disappointed that my parents don't care about my name when I was born. I am jealous you !!


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