Sunday, September 25, 2016

My name - Maria Goncalves

My Name

      Virgin Maria in the Catholic religion is mother is Jesus. She is the perfect example of a woman. Mary means "full of grace". In the Bible, she is the mother of all mothers, and she guides women to never give up.

     I grew up in a very catholic family. My name reminds Virgin Maria. For this reason, my name means a lot for them. My mother has the same name as me, but Maria is her second name. She didn't give me this name because of her. In fact, my real name in Brazil is Maria Eduarda. When my mother was a little girl, she already had a name for a girl and for a boy, so when I born she knew what my name was going to be. I love my name because it's a common name. It's easy for everybody to understand and it has a very important meaning for my family.


  1. Hi, Maria. I just wondered that if you can changed your name to a unique one will you do it or not. However, I realized that the meaning of your name to you and your family at once. I supposed you will keep your name no matter what happened.

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  3. In Arabic your name is Maryam which is the name of the mother of Jesus peace be upon them all.


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