Sunday, September 18, 2016

Effects of a Name

Effects of a Name
            Common name puts you’re into an unintended trouble and you are harassed against your will. The school report was switched with the other girl, and someone’s love letter delivered to wrong. My name was very common name when I was in school. I always met another Misun at the beginning of the semester. Teachers and classmates called me “taller Misun” to distinguish between me and the other Misun. It often made me sad that I was not called by owns. I really wanted a special name like my brothers.

            One day, my grandmother visited my house, and she called me to ask for a glass of water. That time, I was shocked because she didn’t say it clearly. I am a girl. Women leave from their family after got married. It means that girl is not important grandchild for her. In Korea, men took care of their family and inherited from their parents in her time. Most old people were only concerned their grandsons. They choose a name carefully when their kid is a boy. I was disappointed that my parents decided on my name in just minutes. My one of classmates was a consolation to me. She has been given a boy’s name from her parents because they believed the superstition if choose a boy’s name for their daughter, they can have a son next time.
            After gave her a glass of water, I wrote names of my family members on the paper. My eyes focused on my brothers. I was jealous of the unique and luxurious names of my brothers. “How are beautiful!” I thought that it makes person special.  I knew that a person’s name consisted of many things. There are expectation, love and hope of parents for their child. However, I couldn’t find them from my name. A careless, very simple my name has not any love, expectation of my parents.
Suddenly, laughter filled in the living room. My family was watching a TV show. A famous comedy woman appeared on TV. She was showing the performance as usual, but I couldn’t laugh like them because a classmate told me again that day. “Hey, make me laugh!”  The comedy woman is also Misun. However, she has never made me laugh.  
             After I became an adult, I didn’t like my name, but I understand my parents. They couldn’t afford to concern themselves with their youngest. My father often worked overtime, and my mother was tired of taking care of two boys every day. Too common, not fancy and unimpressive my name no longer makes me sad. I feel my mother’s love every time I open the letters from her. The most important thing is that my name is not common in the United States. 


  1. I like your post. Your name is very nice. I hope I can go to Korea one day in the future.

  2. In China, I also have encountered some of the same name of the classmates. At that time, I really wanted to change a new name. But now, I have accepted my name.

  3. Hi,, Misun
    It is beautiful journal, I feel like sitting near you and listening to your story. please write more.


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