Tuesday, September 20, 2016

                A long time ago, more than a thousand years, there was a famous man called Hashim. He was an Arabic man who lived in Makah, which is located in Asia. He was known as a respectful, generous, and helpful man for all. Also, he had a high postion among people at that time. Furthermore he was the grandfather of prophet Mohamed. Due to this history, this name has become famous and unique . In fact, it is a rare name and usually grandsons of prophet Mohamed are named Hashim. However, my parents named me Hashim, and I am so proud of it. I feel that I am really special when someone calls me Hashim. It means crusher and brave destroyer of evil.

                I have two sisters and two brothers. My elder sister is named Zahra. Her name means flowers in English, and it is very common. Zainab is the granddaughter of prophet Mohamed. My other sister has the same name, Zainab. Mohammad and Mortadah are my other siblings. Mohamed is the oldest and Mortadah is the youngest. The prophet’s cousin Ali, was called also Mortadah, and that is why my bother has that same name. In brief, all my family names are from ancient Arabic.     


  1. Many people have the a name that is historical. They are proud of it.

  2. Your post is very interesting. And the history and the meaning of the name is very nice.

  3. My friend's daughter is Zahra. I didn't know that meaning of her name. Thank you for your explaining.


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