Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Best Wish

Huiyin Liang
September 14, 2016
Best Wish
     My name is Huiyin Liang. When I say it in Chinese, there has no meaning, but it shows a best wish from my family.
     I was my family's first child. My family was very happy and prepared everything before I was born including my name. My great-grandmother hoped that  I would become a rich woman. She was a poor woman. In fact, her husband didn't care about his family and always asked his wife to earn money. Everyday my great-grandmother had to do a lot of work to earn the money and take care of her family. She didn't want her grand-daughter to have the hard life like her, so she call me "Meiyin". On the other hand, my grand-father hoped that I would become a good woman in my future, so he called me "Huilan". They wanted that the name could bring me good luck. It seemed hard to choose. Then, my mother chose one word from each name and hope that I could be the person they wanted.
    When I was young, I had been complained about my name which was difficult to write in Chinese and hard to pronounce in English speakers. A lot of my classmates always asked my name when we began our conversation. Even though my name is difficult to write and hard to say, I till didn't want to change it because it includes my family's best wish.


  1. Hi Huiyin,
    I agree with you because your family chose your name with love. I'm also the first child, and I know how important it was for my parents decide the best name for me.
    Good luck in this semester! See you

  2. Your name is very beautiful. Have the best of luck in this semester and in the future.

  3. Hi. My grandparents are poor too. I guess that they did not give up the hope of being rich even now, but they know that they aren't rich at all for now and the future. I think the wishes are all beautiful in our lives.


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