Friday, September 16, 2016

My Name: "Silvana Graciela"

Silvana Mirto
September 16, 2016

My Name
“Silvana Graciela”

     A long time ago, my parents were expecting a baby.  During those days, they made an agreement about the name depending on the baby’s sex.  The baby was me, a baby girl.  For that reason, my mother chose my names which are Silvana Graciela.  Both are Latin names and very common in Argentina where I am from. 
     My first name means ‘God of trees and forests’, but my mother like this name for the sound of the letters and for a popular singer at that time, Silvana Di Lorenzo.  Something funny is that my mother has never called me Silvana, she calls me Silvi.  Most of my friends and family call me Sil which is, obviously short for Silvana.

     My second name is special because it’s in honor of my grandmother, my mother’s mother.  Just one time in my life I was called Graciela.  I was in Kindergarten when my teacher decided to call me Graciela because there was another student named Silvana.  Nowadays, I use Grace, similar version of Graciela in English, when I have to reserve a table in a restaurant, when somebody ask my name in the fitting room, or when I order a Starbucks’coffe.  It’s easier just say Grace instead of Silvana because everybody knows how to spell it.  Also, I love the meaning of my second name; ‘God’s favor’.


  1. I like your name. They are easy to remember and pronunciation.

  2. Hi, Silvana
    In America there'e so many people speak Spanish which I believe you can get along with it easily. I love the meaning of it. It's beautiful

  3. I really like your name. This is my first time that I see both names combine, as the first as the second name. Your name is really popular in Brazil. Besides that, it is not difficult to pronounce your name as other's people.

  4. Hi my friend, your name is difficult to pronounce, but I like it.


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