Thursday, September 15, 2016

Me, Myself and I

Jean Luigi Tiongco
September 15, 2016

Me, myself and I
 I’m Jean Luigi, It’s pretty long but that’s my name. I prefer people to call me Lui because it’s kind of short and easy to recall. My name has a lot of meanings, why? It’s because my friends call my name as a gamer because Luigi is the brother of Mario in the “Super Mario” game.
This is Mario and Luigi of “Super Mario” game.

To my relatives, they say its adventure because of the game also. Sometimes I wonder why they have to base my name on a game, but my parents told me that my name was special and not taken from a game. I asked my mother where did she got it and she told me that my first name Jean was taken from the famous character of Les Misérables, and she also said this character that jean veljean was a thief and all he stole was given to the misfortune victims.
This is Jean veljean of Les Misérables 

 My second name was taken Luigi was taken from a writer and also from a prince named Luigi Amadeo.
   This is Prince Luigi Amedeo, Duke of the Abruzzi
But my father really likes to tease me about my name and he is like my friends. When I was in the Philippines, they found it hard to pronounce and I just kept on laughing the way they pronounced my name, and I just can’t help them, so they named me Igi-boy, I felt embarrassed about that, so I told them to call me Lui. Then they said Igi-boy is better than Lui and that day I was called Igi-boy for the rest of my seventeen years in the Philippines. Actually if I could name myself again, I would rather call myself blizzard.   
 This is a blizzard
 It is better because it is like my personality, and if you wonder why, that’s a secret.


  1. Your essay is fun. I also, think that your parents did not take your name from Super Mario. I really was liked Super Mario. Your writing reminds my teenager played Super Mario.

  2. I agree with you about that Lui is kind of short and easy to recall.


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