Monday, September 26, 2016

September  26/2016

The Secret Behind My Name

          I was really surprised when I first time got here to the U.S, because in a hundred years I would have not thought that my teachers would pronounce it correctly like my friends do back home in Saudi Arabia. In fact, my name is actually means guidance or to guide and help people. Plus, Rashidi it is a tribal name in some countries in the Middle East.
          in fact, I was so happy when the Americans started say my name correctly maybe the people here in Chicago might have found it short and easy to pronounce or simply because in my class room there are more than one people who have the same exact name and that what made it easy for the teachers to remember it so quick.
       Ultimately, I really don’t care about what kind of names have I or anyone else got. Because at the end of the day it is a name not something really important to me and should not be that important to anyone too. But what really important is my personality and behavior toward people and I would rather people recognize me about my actions instead of my name. 

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