Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Real Gem

Everybody has a different way to define their name. To me, my name is a real gem or a precious stone. At first, I felt a little confused about why my parents named me after a stone. I thought that maybe they used to like it a lot. Sometimes, I asked my mom about it to let me know, but she was just ignored it or made a joke about it. Maybe, she thought that I was too young to understand what she was gonna explain. When I turned seventeen years old, there was an intimate night of my family. We sat down together and talked about everything like life or relationships. Unsurprisingly, my mom leaned to my ear and said “do you want to hear something that you were trying to know so badly when you were a child”. I think that she meant I was mature enough to understand her academic words. Of course, I always want to know, it is not also about curiously but also it is a part of my life.

She told me a long story about what really happened in the past and I concluded that my name actually comes from a stone. People had been trying to find it or collect it because it is rare and precious stone. Whenever they came to mountain to collect the woods or went hunting, everyone always wanted to see the stone. My mom is one of the lucky people who saw it. She said there are a lot of pictures of it on internet now for sure, but when you look at it in real life you would definitely love it. It is like a first gift that my parents gave me when I first was born. My mom wanted me become a gorgeous, beautiful, and attractive woman that everyone would look and admire. I think she meant the best. I truly love my name, I love how it sounds and would never change it for any reason. I also feel very grateful to my parents that they gave me the most beautiful name that anyone ever had. 

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