Tuesday, September 20, 2016

My Name

My name is “Wing-Kei” in Cantonese. They are two separate, individual words. My parents named me Wing-kei because they wanted their baby to be smart and precious. In Chinese, “wing” means outstanding, smarter than anybody else. “Kie” symbolize a beautiful jade and infrequent. Of course, the name is a best wish from my parents.
I didn’t really like my name when I was child, because in Chinese character my name has too many strokes. It was hard to write for me when I was a little kid learning to write my own name. My last name “Li” is especially difficult, it has thirteen strokes for the one character. In addition, I don’t like my name pronounce in mandarin--“Ying-Qi”. When my parents named me, it was according to Cantonese. That’s the reason I think “Wing-Kei” sounds correct. Even though it is the same word and same meaning in Chinese character, but “YingQi” just doesn’t sounds correct for me.
This is how my last name looks like.


  1. I don't like my name too. Parents usually name their kids with a wish

  2. In Cantonese, The pronunciation of your name sounds greater. Vicky and “Wing-Kei” are really similar. It's awesome.

  3. Nihao Wing-Kei.
    Your parents are remarkable of naming you. I love it. you're outstanding like your name my friend.

  4. Your name sounds very pure. I like your name a lot. It reminds me of a important person in my life.


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