Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Recall: The most important part of this article is that Ali chose to keep fighting regardless his age. He is old at that time and diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease. The most difficult point is that he did doing so well in the last fight.

Summary: The article “Unretiring” by David Reminck talks about the last fight of the Muhammad Ali, a famous boxer. He introduced Ali by his glories. He stated the reason of Ali keep fighting even he is suffered from sickness. In the end, he briefly tells the readers how Ali lose the fight and the thought from others.

Question: Why did the author choose to write about this topic? What did he want to tell us?

Connect 1: The author is attempting to show the readers that Ali keep fighting for his glory even he is sick. I think what Ali did is wrong, because from the time he is diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, he is a patient. He shouldn’t go to another fight which is going to lose absolutely.

Connect 2: I think this article is about if we should give up our glory. “You have to be humble when you're trapped in an inferior situation.” I think it is right. First, Ali have fought with Larry for many times. He did not win a lot. Second, he is old at that time and he should be retired. He keeps losing after the break. Therefore, I think the best way is to retire instead of fighting.

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