Sunday, November 13, 2016

A nation affected

Brazil is well known for the beauty of nature, the affectionate people and the lack of effectiveness. Since 2014, Brazil has suffered one of the most devastating economic crises. The first reason is because of the corruption. The old government that was leading Brazil stole a lot of money from public coffers. The second reason is the decline in values of products that Brazil exports, such as grains, orange juice and oil. A few years ago, the oil was really expensive and now its price is low. The last reason is because of China. China was the biggest buyer of merchandise coming from Brazil, and if China does not buy Brazilian products, it affects their economy. There are many consequences when all of these negative events occur together. Principally for the political and economic factors. This new Brazilian economy has forced me to live in another country and it has changed not only my family’s life, but also the entire population of Brazil because of the poor salary and unemployment.

Unemployment is the principal consequence of the crises. A lot of companies have gone bankrupt. Consequently, the number of unemployed people increased. If a company does not have enough work, in many cases, they have to fire employees, because they do not have enough money to pay them. Another reason of the unemployment is the company does not have work, but they still need the employee to do the work. Most of the time the salary of this employee is too high. For this reason, the owners of the company decide to replace the person and they hire people less qualified with less salary.

Poor salary is also a result of the crisis. Big companies have been reducing the salary of workers. A good example is the company that my father used to work for. He used to work in one of the most important companies that manufactures polyethylene. Polyethylene is the most common plastic. It is used to make plastic bags, plastic films and containers like bottles. He was a truck driver, so he carried the merchandise principally to the northern part of the country. With the crisis the company began to pay less my father and sometimes delayed the payment. Not only did this happen with my father’s company, but also with a lot of other companies. It was almost a “rule”. First, the companies reduce the salary. Second, they don’t pay, because they don’t have enough money. The last option that the owners have is to close the company.

After all of these effects of the crisis, I decided to move to the United States. I never thought of moving to another country to have a better future for my family and I until my father lost his job and my mother had to find one to help with the house expenses. These changes have meant that I am much stronger than I seem to be. Like that famous phrase “You are your only limit”. I learned to take care of myself and to be proud of this. I know that I will never be the same girl that I used to be, and I will never be the same person when I return to Brazil. My thoughts changed a lot. I still have a long journey, but I know I am in the right direction. My family is the only reason that I decided to stay here even if sometimes I just want to give up and go back to Brazil.

Some economists say that Brazil might recover from the crisis in 2020. It is terrible to see the whole country suffering because of the same thing, money. Everybody had to change their life. I completely changed my life, and it has been a painful decision. Brazilians just have to adapt to this new economy. Maybe the crises brought one good thing. The changes in people’s live promote strengthening as a nation. It has not been easy living with all these changes but they brought new innovations, new ideas and ideals. With all of these problems, the president of Brazil changed. Brazilians were protesting against the old president. After the impeachment, I hope that this new president can try to change the economic problems. When I return to Brazil, I think the situation will be better, but if this does not happen I will do my best to work hard for my own future.


  1. Before I ever watched some news about Brazil economic crises,I think that our countries have some same problems, such as corruption in state-owned enterprises. However, they are making improvements, and everything will become better.

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  4. Everybody have different reason why they leave their country. I known you can do your best to change your life.

  5. it is good opportunity for you too find yourself here in the United States.

  6. I like your essay, i hope you can make your life work out effectively .


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