Wednesday, November 16, 2016

A child Thief

Lianghuan Tan
Compare and contrast essay-final draft
November 15,2016
A Child Thief
Unbelievable, a child stole something in a store because he saw a TV show in which a child did the same thing. He pretended to be a thief in the TV show. When the manager of the store asked him why he stole it, he just answered: “I was copying a child in a TV show.” The manager didn’t call the police because he was just a child. The manager wanted to give the child a chance to repent. The way that the child stole in the store and the way a child stole in the TV show were same. He found a corner that the store camera couldn’t see. When nobody noticed him, he put an expensive watch into his pocket. After that, he was ready to leave. A salesperson noticed that a watch was missing, so he caught the child. I don’t think that his parents would ask him to steal. If a child’s father is a thief, the child may learn from his or her father. However, the celebrities and the parents affect the children significantly. Time and strength are two differences between the influence of celebrities and the influence of parents on children.

The first difference between the influence of celebrities and the influence of parents on children is time. After children were born, their parents would affect them every day before children grow up. Parents take care of their children when children are unable to take care of themselves. Parents talk to their children every day. Parents teach their children how to dress and how to do other things. Some parents teach their children how to make friends. My classmate’s father asked her to be a doctor when she was child. Now she has become a doctor because her father mentioned her dream all the time. In contrast, the influence of celebrities on children is occasional. Celebrities affect children when children watch TV or movies. Children generally don’t watch TV day and night, and it is hard to meet celebrities for children in their daily life. My middle school classmates bought sport clothes with the number that represented sport stars like Michael Jordan. They played basketball like Michael Jordan too. Mostly they were affected by Micheal Jordan when they watched basketball games, and it was occasional.

The second difference between the influence of celebrities and the influence of parents on children is strength. The influence of parents on children is very strong because children trust their parents. Children are usually afraid of parental authority, so they would behave like their parents hope. A child hit my cousin with a plastic bottle in a party. His father yelled at him: “What the hell? Don’t hit people.” Then he stopped hitting. Children also do things that their parents ask them to do because they love their parents. Parents take care of their children, so most children are grateful. My elementary classmate’s father asked him to study hard. Therefore, he studied hard and got into college. In contrast, the influence of celebrities on some children is weak. Children don’t do everything that celebrities do. Also, children wouldn’t follow the words that celebrities say. Children may like some celebrities, and they might hate some celebrities too. Some of my elementary school classmates disliked Micheal Jackson because they thought Micheal Jackson danced in a weird way.They haven’t behaved like that. They didn’t watch Micheal Jackson shows anymore. In the other words, the influence of Michael Jackson on them even disappeared. The influence of celebrities got weak in this case.

Celebrities and parents affect children in different ways. People shouldn’t ignore either. Parents need to educate their children to become good people, but children might get disobedient when evil celebrities affect them. In addition, people should control the TV shows that their children watch. Let children watch good celebrity shows. Delete bad celebrity shows on their computers. When children watch movies, parents should tell their children which actor is evil and which actor is kind. Parents should tell children don’t behave like evil actor. It is important to avoid their own children become thieves who stole in a store, so tell children that thieves will be caught by police and will be in jail. Thieves aren’t often forgiven by managers in stores.

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