Monday, December 5, 2016

Resume Virtues Vs Eulogy Virtues
There are two opposite types of virtues that let the human brain make a decision in life, they are resume virtues and eulogy virtues. Resume virtues are the virtues people bring to the marketplace while eulogy virtues connect to relationships and personality. However, people especially the young generation allows any perspectives, which are certainly from parents and society to decide for their life instead of themselves. Responsibility and success are two destinations that parents want their children reach before the children think about their individual value, which is a life that they could lead to be good in a community. In contrast, currently, the effects of society might influence young people in a different way which would blow their mind off the traditional road that they used to be on.

The first thing that parents want young people to understand about resume virtues is responsibility. On the other hand, the society makes the young generation want to stand up for themselves and make a good mark for a community. The value of parents is very relevant which is good enough so young people can rely on what parents teach. Parents educate children by saying that responsibility and success are the only keys to open the door to life. Many young people chose their future job because of interesting in money not their passion. I chose a nursing career instead of my athletic training dream job because of how much more successful I could be as a nurse compared to the little salary that I could get as an athletic trainer. However, the society is doing a good job at changing young people’s mind so far. The perspective from some famous student  on blogger, vlogger, YouTube logger, might affect to the rest of students. Some famous vloggers shift their perspective to teenagers and spread the idea of becoming successful without an education. Apparently, society makes young people get ahead of themselves wanting satisfaction while parents want their children to start from the beginning at school.

 At the age of eighteen or nineteen years old, young people always struggle over defining their characteristics. Growing up in extremely traditional family, my parents eventually had success making my mind lean toward resume virtues. However, I used to want so badly make a good impression with the community, particularly with my friendships and relationships. Some young teenagers make a lot of money because they know what they are good at so that they can develop themselves without an education at school. For instance, An Nguy is one of the most famous Vietnamese vloggers. She expresses her thoughts with humorous sayings about mostly personal relationships and friendship, and she became a precious mark for young Vietnamese people. Balancing two selves resume and eulogy is trickier and more confusing. Young people wonder that if going to school is the only way to become a success as parents always claim. Obviously it was rare that young people could make a lot of money without an education in the past. However, now, if people clarify their talents, even kids can open their own bank.

Balancing resume and eulogy virtues is the destination of life for everybody not only young generation. Perhaps, dealing with responsibility for school and wanting to be good for the community is harder for young people’s delicate minds. Both virtues are confused by parents and the environment around young minds. Hopefully, the decision of taking side is not going to depend on parents or surroundings anymore, and the young generation will figure out their own perspective and make it work effectively for their lives.

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