Saturday, October 15, 2016

                                                     Scholarship Program 
The number of Saudi students who have had scholarship around the world increased from 2000 students until 190,000 students during King Abdullah’s scholarship program. In fact, the program provided scholarships for students at the undergraduate, graduate, and doctorate levels. Also, this program covered full academic tuition, salary, medical coverage, and round-trip airfare that were for scholars and dependents. King Abdullah’s scholarship program determined a lot of countries that students could choose such as America, Canada, Australia, Britain, New Zealand, India, Singapore, France, Italy, Poland, Malaysia, and China. Moreover, King Abdullah’s scholarship program has improved my life because this program improved my health, helped me to see the world, and kept me busy and gave me a scholarship.
In the beginning, King Abdullah’s scholarship program helped me improved my health. As I mentioned at the background, King Abdullah’s scholarship program covered medical coverage, so it has helped me to take care for myself. My weight has increased since I came to Chicago. I started have do medical examinations each month because my insurance has covered that. Also, since I started paying attention on my healthy, I have avoided diseases such as stomach problems, flu, and pneumonia.
In addition, King Abdullah’s scholarship program has helped me to see the world. In fact, this program has enabled hundreds of thousands of young Saudi people to travel overseas for higher education opportunities and experiences. I have discovered new cultures. Because the United States has many people of different nationalities, my life experience has addition; the United States has a lot of holidays, so students who study here have many vacations. I traveled four cities since I came to Chicago such as Los Angeles, Miami, New York, and Indiana, so I saw new places that I have never seen before.

Finally, King Abdullah’s scholarship program kept me busy and gave me a scholarship.  The requirements of this program were not essay, but I worked hard to make my dream since I was a child come true. They requested high grades on school and other exams.  However, King Abdullah’s scholarship program attracted students with many things. For example, students can receive salaries and choose where they want to study. Before I came Chicago I was confused by choosing a city which is a good place for study, and the program advised me to choose Chicago, so that why I’m here.

In conclusion, King Abdullah’s scholarship program aimed to improve the Saudi students’ life by improving their health, helping them to discover the world, and reducing the unemployment rate. In fact, the king Abdullah died 2 years ago, so the numbers of Saudi students who have had scholarship around the world have decreased. All the Saudi people have loved King Abdullah because he supported them for many things such as the education. Because he gave me this opportunity, I have studied hard to graduate from the United States.       


  1. Your country has a great program for students. I really envy you. When I was a college student, my older brother was a student too, so my parents were busy to make tuition of two kids. I have never imaged to go out of my country. You are a lucky boy.

  2. there is a wonderful program to support the students to study, work hard, you can and you can graduate in United States. CHEER~

  3. nice work Mader keep writing more and more. King abdulaah was a great leader he always trust in the youth of Saudi Arabia.الله يرحمه


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