Saturday, October 15, 2016

Lost in translation

                                                        A Gathering of Friends
       I used to spend three hours every day with my friends back home in Saudi Arabia. Plus, in Saudi Arabia I used to get off from my job and stay longer time with my friends, which is very common in my country, this is how I used to spend my times. back in Saudi Arabia. Yet There are enormous differences of spending times with my friends in Saudi Arabia and United States of America.

   On the other hand, back home in Saudi Arabia I always with my folks in Hashem’s house every single day. By the way, Hashem is my friend. Now sitting home with friends is our favorite thing do to if we going to meet people in Saudi Arabia. However, in the U.S. there are a plenty of good places for people who want to meet friends. For example, I can go to the beach and relax, attending more festivals or museums all these are good for friends to go and have fun. On the other hand, in Saudi Arabia my friends and I would play games, watch movies or go camping into the desert which is the most common places for people in my city to go and spend their weekends.
     Not only gathering with friends has changed in terms in finding places to hang out in, but also cultural diversity has plays a huge part of finding friends. For example, Chicago and the city I came from are different in terms of seeing an international people so that one thing I have never seen in my city. Saudi Arabia I would only find people who speak my language and think the way I think. Meanwhile in the U.S I can hang out with people from all over the world who think differently and I don’t need to travel to those foreign people’s countries to explore their culture I can see it here in the U.S. Furthermore, I had a hard time managing my time here in the U. S. And back home in my country I would stay up late for longer time without being nonchalant about my sleeping time because I used to see my friends more than my family. In the U.S.  teachers are giving homework and projects that won’t let me even enjoy my weekends. This is the different between America and Saudi Arabia in terms of spending time with friends.

      Finally, are many different aspects of meeting friends back home or here in the U.S. and these differences have actually changed me for the better. I love meeting my friends, but living in America will force me to blend in to this culture and take my times so that it is hard for me to go out with friends like I used to do.


  1. I understand you miss your country, but there were a lot interesting things in Chicago, weekend you can go to see the concert with friends, and winter you can go can learned the new culture in here and make some new friends.


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